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  • So you have tasted the forbidden fruit and found it delicious?

  • Now you want to learn how to cook haute cuisine.

  • Take a seat and enjoy an omakase dinner, complete with take home meals, hands-on instructions and secret formulas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is for Ruby on Rails developers who have tried StimulusReflex and/or CableReady and want to take a deeper look into advanced patterns, tooling, and integration.

I will assume that you are familiar with Ruby on Rails in general, and have already built one or two StimulusJS controllers.

Throughout this eBook I will use the latest Rails, StimulusReflex and CableReady (6.1, 3.4 and 4.4.6 at the time of writing).

What's the book's format?

Every chapter contains a food for thought section with complimentary exercises and impulse questions.

Likewise, every provides resources for further reading and an incentive to broaden your understanding and discuss with others.

Premium customers will furthermore have access to video content.

What will I learn?
  • How to handle forms in StimulusReflex
  • How to use CableReady to supercharge your Import UI
  • How to use StimulusReflex in your Rails engines
  • How to use concerns/mixins to DRY up your reflexes
  • How to conceptualize and display streams (activity streams, dashboards, webhooks etc.)
  • How to properly authorize your reflex actions
  • How to implement Optimistic UIs
  • What websocket security means
  • How to implement lazy loading

Bonus content:

  • Where the boundaries between Hotwire and StimulusReflex lie, and how they collaborate to implement complex UIs
What will happen after I purchase?
  • you will be sent to Gumroad for purchase (VAT may apply!)
  • then you'll receive the eBook delivered via Gumroad
  • Premium customers will also have access to video content
Will I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

You can cancel and ask for a full refund for 14 days after purchase, but I’d love to hear your feedback in that case 🤗.

Where is my private data stored?
I’m using Drip for email delivery and Gumroad for payment and content management. I don’t need any other data than your email address (and optionally your GitHub handle) and do not share it with anybody else.
I’m a newbie in StimulusReflex land. Is there another, more beginner-friendly course?
Indeed there is! Jason Charnes has put together a comprehensive introduction to StimulusReflex in his (also free!) Interactive Rails with StimulusReflex course.

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Julian joined me as a member of the CableReady and StimulusReflex core team in 2019. He helped pioneer some of the most compelling tooling to hit the Rails ecosystem since ActionCable was introduced. He has a gift for delving deep into highly technical problems and emerging with elegant solutions. He's a major influence pushing Reactive Rails to become a viable and exciting alternative to full stack front-end. I can't imagine anyone better suited to help you level up with Reactive Rails.

Nate Hopkins
StimulusReflex Creator

Julian is part of the Stimulus Reflex ecosystem bedrock, not only a foundational member but also quick to offer support and solution suggestions!

Obie Fernandez

I’ve been working on StimulusReflex with Julian since 2019. He is an integral part of the community and has done a lot to push it forward. One of the wisest developers I have ever met, I can always trust Julian to provide great explanations to hard and nuanced problems. I have learned a lot from Julian, and I’d encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from him as well.

Andrew Mason
Remote Ruby

You want to have Julian in your corner! He went to great lengths helping me with some thorny problems on more than one occasion. He brings his hard-earned experience to the table, which he gained working in the trenches for long years: no fluff, no BS, just solid, pragmatic advice. Ignore at your own peril!

Trinity Takei

Julian works hard to make the StimulusReflex community successful. He's very active in the SR Discord Community, helping newbies and experienced folks alike, and pushes the community forward. He has developed Futurism and a StimulusReflex profiler and is very generous with many other open-source contributions. If this course is half as helpful as he is, it will be well worth the money.

Ricky Chilcott
Mission Met

I turn to Julian regularly with questions about the kind of Rails and Stimulus problems that are new and unfamiliar territory for me. He's always got the answer, or some new idea that helps me get to the answer. It's always great having his knowledge and experience close by.

Fritz Meissner
Prodigy Finance

Content and Pricing



Enjoy the following lessons:

  • Forms

  • Imports

  • Optimistic UI

  • Concerns

  • Composable UI

  • State Machines

  • Security

  • Streams

  • Engines

  • Authorization

  • Lazy Loading



Everything from Standard, plus:

  • Forms

  • Imports

  • Optimistic UI

  • Concerns

  • Composable UI

  • State Machines

  • Security

  • Streams

  • Engines

  • Authorization

  • Lazy Loading

  • Scaling ActionCable

  • SR and Hotwire/Turbo

  • Profiling

  • Video Content

Who's teaching this?

  • Julian Rubisch

    StimulusReflex Core Team

    In late 2019, after having road tested several back- and frontend frameworks, I stumbled upon a relatively young project that promised to simplify Rails frontend development by reviving the HTML-over-the-wire approach using Websockets.

    Fast forward one year, and I’m on the StimulusReflex core team. Needless to say in these times, and probably a faint anecdote in a few years, the Corona pandemic had the paradoxical effect - by requiring social distancing in the immediate community - of bringing people on opposite ends of the world closer together.

    It so happened that while I was increasingly working alone and in need of a comprehensive and productive full stack solution, I started contributing to and polishing StimulusReflex and CableReady together with a bunch of fellow enthusiasts.

    🔔 More recently, I started to sharpen my consultancy's offerings around Reactive Rails auditing and coaching. Check it out at

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